What causes that we don’t sleep?

Almost certainly when we need it most, we struggle to sleep.

Before a holiday journey that starts the next day, when we’re taking exams, when we’re studying, when we’re busy at work, when we want to be fresh the next day: with any of these examples a good night’s sleep would serve us well. Sleeping well would serve us immensely!

Instead we don’t sleep well.

Not falling asleep or sleeping a few hours and waking. Lying in bed awake, rolling around, watching TV, eating, reading, cleaning the house: Instead of sleeping.

Why does this happen? Especially seeing as not sleeping well does not serve us?

Almost like clockwork, when a good night’s sleep is vital, it eludes us, and we don’t sleep well.

Again, why is that?

Coming Soon. See Book Food For Thought (unpublished), chapter Peacefulness Despite Possible Consequences.

In the aforementioned article I allude to the fact that we’re not free, due to the role our fear of the possible consequences plays in our lives.

While we’re not ready to address our fears, for whatever reason, it could be finances, lack of courage, in denial, afraid, just not ready yet, no matter the reason, what are we to do if we don’t sleep well

On the one hand we could retain the status quo: we can continue not sleeping well.

Or we can recognize the following possibility being present in our lives:

With just a little courage and honesty we’ll see it.

What we’ll see is that something bothers us. Depending on when we started sleeping badly, that is when whatever is bothering us started. Usually we‘re unaware, seeing as this is an unconscious undercurrent.

Remember, I’m not making the rules, merely the messenger, based on what I uncovered in my own life.

Coming back to ‘that something is bothering us’ – the reason it bothers us, no matter what it is, and usually unconsciously – is our fear of the possible consequences.

It works like this. Something that bothers us is nothing more than the possible consequences playing on us. There is thus an undercurrent at work within us and we cannot sleep.

The possible consequences is a simple concept and easy to overcome: Yet because it hinges on a lifelong fear we carry, it’s not easy for us to see its simplicity and it seems difficult to get beyond this fear. Coming Soon – See: Book Life Can Be Different Conception, chapter Factor-X And How It Comes About.

What do we do in the meantime?

These points are important:

Acknowledge that the possible consequences frighten us. Careful, denial is bound to sneak in.

Acknowledge further that to be ourselves cannot be conditional. Because if being ourselves is governed by the possible consequences being favourable, then if not favourable, we’re unable to be ourselves, which in turn means being ourselves is conditional. So let the consequences be whatever they are, yet be ourselves regardless.

Acknowledge further – if that’s the case – that we don’t understand the above, yet we’d want to live without the fear of the possible consequences.

Acknowledge further that we usually want to jump in and do something about changing the possible consequences, thereby; we create circumstances so we’re okay – instead what is required is to be okay no matter what the possible consequences are. There is a difference between the two scenarios: doing something to be okay – and being okay no matter what!

The aforementioned enables us to let go of what bothers us so we’ll sleep peacefully.

Be on the lookout for future articles within the series: ‘Taking a Closer Look‘.

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