Is being overweight about eating too much?

Is it about not eating well?

Is it possibly about a health condition?

Could there be another reason altogether why people are overweight or even obese?

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In the aforementioned articles, I allude to people’s excessive weight as being the physical manifestation of not living lives that we’d dearly want to.

Because we’re holding back on who we are, and thus our internal energy flow is stinted, we grow bigger and bigger. Whereas if we were to start living the life we desire, our energy would flow as intended and the excess body fat would melt away.

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In the meantime what should we do? We might not be ready to consciously seek what we’d rather be doing.

In the meantime, we can consciously take better care of our bodies.

Two things are important:

1. Acknowledge that we’ve taken a path with our lives that we’d want to change if we knew how – or that right now we might not have the courage to pursue. Be careful though; be on the lookout so when denial sneaks in, we’re ready to see it and move past it.

2. Acknowledge further that we know we’re not eating well. And even if in small steps, cut out what we know is not healthy. Replace what we’ve cut out, with healthy wholesome food. Slowly eat more and more vegetables and fruit, while slowly cutting out sugars of any kind. At least we can take note of where we suspect what we eat is not wholesome and healthy.

Aforementioned is a solid and intentional start, though slow.

For more, be on the lookout for future articles within the series: ‘Taking a Closer Look’.

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