Let’s start with: What does it mean when asked the question, ‘Are we the product of our circumstances?’

It means that our lives are formed and directed by the circumstances unfolding in and around our lives.

Thus if we were born to a family in China, then we’ll be accustomed to the culture we are brought up in.

If our parents were unable to take care of us or provide us with the required life skills, we’d struggle socially.

If we fell under the influence of people who broke the law, we’d struggle not to break the law.

If we had conducive opportunities we’d not have become a prostitute, for example.

The converse of each of the above mentioned is also the case. For instance, if our parents cared for us and taught us life skills we’d not struggle socially.

To sum up: When we consider each life situation, we’d see that our lives are based on the circumstantial hand we were dealt.

Furthermore, we create deep-seated patterns to ‘survive’ what is dealt to us by our circumstances. These patterns in turn create perceptions. We then interpret whatever transpires around us from our perceptions. This is evident due to different people responding differently to almost identical circumstances.

Let’s look at influencing the quality of our lives by how we create our own reality; irrespective of the circumstantial hand we are dealt.

Once we become aware of our deep-seated patterns, and see how these influence our perception, we are able to create the required shift so we live the reality we’d want to.

For instance, we might not live our lives with peacefulness. Once we see how we create our turmoil due to our patterns, we’d be able to put ourselves in a position to shift from those deep-seated patterns, to create our peacefulness.

In the meantime what do we do with our reality which does not work?

Acknowledge that we create our own reality.

Acknowledge further that if our reality isn’t how we want it, that we could put ourselves in a position to shift away from our deep-seated patterns and create the reality we want.

Acknowledge further that we didn’t know that we created our own reality.

Acknowledge further that we have no idea how we’d shift from our patterns, but if we could, we’d want to make the lift so we could live our optimal lives.

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