How do we create abundance?

Let’s first back up a little.

Why do we want abundance?

And what do we mean by having abundance?

And why don’t we already have abundance?

And do we deserve abundance?

These are questions, with far reaching implications.

Let’s start with this dynamic to answer the above questions:

Each of us has something we’re passionate about. We might have forgotten that we’re passionate about anything, something. We might have forgotten what we’re passionate about.

Let’s back up a little, again.

When I say “passionate about something,” I mean something major, and special, and uniquely significant to each of us. And I don’t mean material things.

We know the feeling but not what exactly the feeling is based on.

Just because we have many questions and many uncertainties related to being passionate does not mean something special and unique does not exist within us.

Something special does indeed exist within each of us. Possibly forgotten? Possibly ignored? Possibly unbelievable? Possibly misunderstood?

Yet it does exist.

And as we tap into it, all becomes clear. Clarity surfaces about our lives, our meaning, and our wisdom.

As we unleash our passion, we heal all our blocked energy. Energy that stubbornly builds up over time indicative that the flow of our natural lives is stinted.

Our energy is stinted by our mistaken beliefs – unfounded beliefs; non-serving beliefs; misguided beliefs?

Then as we recognize ourselves and we see our truth, our beliefs fade away.

Our truth is accompanied by the things important to us. Our ultimate self-worth comes into being. And we unleash our passion.

The question is how does this come about? What is this based on? Does this exist in everyone?
What we’re passionate about, and what we all yearn for subconsciously is to live our self-chosen life purpose.

And as seen in Transition to Peacefulness, via Our Self-chosen Life Purpose, though our life purpose is a state of being, it is interwoven into what we do.

And what we do is where the abundance comes in.

Through our life purpose, as we manifest ourselves, we bring to humankind our own distinct value. Our distinct value automatically adds value for the benefit of humankind.

Our self-worth manifests for the betterment of humankind. We are of service to our fellow humans.

We provide our unique service. Not as a job or a career. Instead we provide our service as what we do; based on our state of being; based on our passion.

We are thus providing a unique service and we are confident, with our self-esteem high.

We value ourselves. Others value us and our service. Before long, we’re earning from providing our unique service. Before long it sustains us. Before too long, we create abundance.

The difference between our lives before and after this point is: we now realize and live our self-worth. We live with confidence. We matured almost overnight from living based on fear and looking for meaning externally, to living our meaning and having left our fear behind.

Though this might be difficult to grasp or accept, it doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

When we start out, our earnings are humble. As our experience grows, we see different ways to utilise our time. And we see different ways to extend our offerings.

Because we don’t doubt ourselves or second guess ourselves – because we’re self-confident, with high self-esteem and ultimate self-worth, we are seen as such and people gravitate to us. And our earnings increase.

See it this way too. We attract into our lives, that which we are open to. If we have blockages, we’re not open. As the blockages are cleared and our energy flows, so we are open to give of ourselves and receive for ourselves.

That implies, if we’re not receiving, we’re not open to receiving.

As soon as we open ourselves up our energy flows in all directions.

If we are open only to certain things, only those energies are opened. If we open ourselves to abundance; those energies flow and bring with them abundance.

There is no end to how our energy is blocked or opened to flowing naturally. If we’re unaware of this dynamic, we limit our lives to our awareness. As we open our awareness, so our energy flow is opened. So we allow in abundance. When blocked we block out abundance. When unblocked, our abundance is unblocked.

If we are stinted in our thinking, we stint our energy flow.
We are able to open ourselves to any extent we want to. We can live our self-chosen life purpose if we want to.

The combination of living our life purpose, thus living without fear, and directing our energy flow as we see fit leads to us being able to allow unlimited abundance into our lives.

It is up to each one of us whether we open ourselves to unlimited abundance or not.

Let’s back up a little, again.

We can check this for ourselves. Are we open to receiving? Do we justify why we don’t receive? Do we feel we don’t deserve abundance? Do we justify it when we fail? Would we like to open ourselves and do not know how?

We are able to open ourselves to abundance. Combine this with our self-chosen life purpose and let’s live our optimal lives!

Emmanuel van der Meulen
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